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Saturday 31 December2016 8pm - 06am

Type: evenings and clubbing

Price: from 40€

Music: General


A fantastic club in the heart of Saint Germain des près, an atmosphere baroque and refined, with a room for smokers where u can be comfortable… come to party new year’s eve in a place magnificent for the occasion.

This precious jewel is the “Dandy Club”, the old “Whiski a GoGo”, kingdom of Jim Morrison or Serge Gainsbourg, where the most important evenings of the past were made. A place full of history, where the fashion will bring the party to the magic point essential for your evening.

> 20h - 22h : Cocktail with dinner

We are going to bring you in a place where you can try a buffet available only for hundreds of privileged only.

The menu: smoked salmon, foie gras with figs and nuts of pecan, chicken forestiera and gratin dauphinois maison and at the end the traditional bûche cake for dessert.

> 22h - 23h59 : the atmosphere start to be hotter

The Dj takes control of the club, the dance floor is alive, nothing is static, and it is only the beginning.

> 00h - 06h : WELCOME 2017

To start the year with beauty, we offer the glasses: OPEN BAR Bulles from 00.00 to 00.30. And the “climax” of the evening, the dance floor is hot, we pass room to room, a little stop to the smokers room, the boudoir is agreeable and comfortable. The friendship get stronger or start, the people around us were strangers, but soon they will be new friends. Happy 2017!!

♫ General music mixed from ArnoZ ♫

For everybody the good music: House French Touch, Funk & soul 70's, Hip Hop old school & new school, Disco subtile, Pop electric, hit club, we want you to dance, dance and still dance!!!

> Formul EVENING + BUFFET (20h – 6h) (limited places !) : 
- Entry + cocktail + open bulles + 3 drinks = 60€ 
- Entry + cocktail + open bulles + 5 drinks = 65€ 

> Formul EVENING (22h – 6h) : 
- Entry + open bulles + 3 drinks = 40€ 
- Entry + open bulles + 5 drinks = 45€ 

> Price directly in the club = if there are some places left 15€ more. 
Limited Places = Presale recommended !

> PRESALE on internet with payment (commission 1,5€) :





Saint Germain : 62 rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris Métro : Odéon


21 JAN


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